VHP Thailand’s Leadership Meets with Ambassador Nagesh Singh to Forge Stronger Ties for Bharat’s Advancement

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad Association Thailand held a significant meeting with the Ambassador of India, H. E. Mr. Nagesh Singh Ji, on June 11, 2024, at the Embassy of India premises in Bangkok. The meeting marked an important dialogue between the new committee members and the Ambassador, emphasizing mutual goals and shared commitments to the welfare of Bharat. Ambassador Singh shared insights from his extensive experience in global diplomacy and governance, providing valuable guidance and encouragement to the committee.

VHP Thailand's Leadership Meets with Ambassador Nagesh Singh to Forge Stronger Ties for Bharat's Advancement

President Smt. Vaishali Urumkar Ji expressed her gratitude for the Ambassador’s insights, stating, “The Ambassador’s experiences and advice are invaluable to us. His encouragement motivates us to work harder and contribute effectively towards our goals.”

The meeting concluded on a high note with the committee members feeling greatly inspired to take forward the initiatives discussed, aiming to make a lasting impact on both the local and global stage in favor of Bharat.

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad Association Thailand is committed to continuing these engagements, fostering a strong relationship with the Embassy of India, and furthering the development of their community-oriented projects.

Additionally, the VHP association held its Annual General Meeting on May 11, 2024, at Novotel Sukhumvit Soi 20 in Bangkok. During the meeting, the new Executive Committee was announced for the term 2024-2027, with:

  1. Smt. Vaishali Urumkar – President
  2. Shri Jay Shankar Mukherjee – General Secretary
  3. Smt. Durga Mouli – Treasurer
  4. Shri Praveen Lodha – Vice President, Language and Ancient Knowledge
  5. Shri Raju B. Manwani – Vice President, Social and Media Spokesperson
  6. Shri Naveen Batwara – Vice President, Patron & Sponsorship
  7. Shri Deo Kumar Singh – Vice President, Pattaya Branch
  8. Shri Santosh Purkait – Joint Secretary and Social Media
  9. Shri Deepak Kedia – Sewa
  10. Shri Dhanajay Kumar – Joint Treasurer and Youth
  11. Smt. Prachi Jay Saraff – Durga Vahini
  12. Shri Biren Parikh – Membership
  13. Smt. Ketki Kamlesh Shah – Bal Gita Pathshala
  14. Shri Sanjiv Chaturvedi – Health & Sports
  15. Smt. Hemlata Pandey – Cultural

Special Portfolio:

  1. Kumari Prajwal Bhosale – Youth