Hotline 1111 receives 237 COVID-19 risk behavior complaints

 The government’s 1111 hotline has received 237 complaints of activities that could lead to COVID-19 spread, among tens of thousands of inquiries related to COVID-19.

The Government Spokesman Anucha Burapachaisri revealed today that Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha has been made aware of 237 complaints about activities that pose a risk of further COVID-19 spread, made via the government’s 1111 center.

The government has been encouraging the general public to report clues regarding illegal immigrants, gambling dens, and any activities which pose a risk of widespread COVID-19 transmission, on the 1111 hotline. The hotline also received 32,008 COVID-19 related inquiries on 7th-22nd January.

Mr Anucha said all informants are protected with their names concealed and all comments handled as classified information.

Input related to illegal border crossing and illegal gambling dens will be forwarded to relevant inspection committees recently set up by the government, while information on the violation of the Emergency Decree will be sent to the Joint Security Command Center run by the Royal Thai Armed Forces and the Royal Thai Police.

The Prime Minister has ordered investigations to begin and further action on these complaints to be reported to him at all steps of the way.


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