Funeral of an unclaimed Indian body arranged by ICP Pattaya

An Indian guy living in Pattaya died due to cardiac arrest on 20/August/2021. The deceased Rajat Dhawan aged 33 years old had been living in Jomtien Area from the last couple of years.No Body went to government hospital to claim the body.

Indian Community Pattaya’s Spokesperson Goad Avdhesh Kumar Sharma briefed all the media people and Social activists present there that Indian Community Pattaya ( ICP ) tried it’s best to find the contact details of his parents in India and informed the family of Rajat Dhawan in India for the sad demise of their son.

The family of the deceased expressed their reluctance to ICP to take the responsibility of the cremation of the Rajat’s dead body. They told that They were financially not well enough to manage the last rites of his mortal remains during tough times of COVID Situations.

ICP proposed to support them through extending helping hand to perform last rituals of their beloved son.
The Parents felt a ray of hope for the dead body of their son to be given respectful last rituals.

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Therefore they gave Power of Attorney of Performing last rituals to ICP in Pattaya. Today on 24/August/2021 ICP with the permission of his family , ICP Members,named Ranjeet Singh, President, Naresh Chander ,Vice President, Dev Kumar Singh,Spokesperson Goad Avdhesh Kumar Sharma,Gurcharanjit Singh,Ravikant Yadav,Pawan Vaishanav,Vikram Singh,Ankit Pandya,Roni,KB Mahanta,Moni Dada,Sunny Arora,Rajeev Jain,Sandeep,Sumit and other ICP Members were present at Wat Chai Mongkron and done Funeral according to the deceased religion rituals.

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