Sacred Relics of Lord Buddha and His Disciples Arrive in Thailand for Exposition

Sacred Relics of Lord Buddha and His Disciples Arrive in Thailand for Exposition

We are delighted to announce the arrival of the revered relics of Lord Buddha, alongside those of his esteemed disciples Arahata Sariputta and Arahata Maha Moggallana, in Thailand for a 25-day long exposition. This momentous event, marked by deep cultural significance, commenced with the relics’ arrival via a special aircraft at Don Mueang airport.

A high-level delegation, led by the Governor of Bihar, H.E. Mr. Rajendra Arlekar, and the Union Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment, H.E. Dr. Virendra Kumar, accompanied the relics to Thailand, signifying a landmark episode in cultural exchange between India and Thailand. This auspicious occasion coincides with the 6th cycle and 72nd birth anniversary of His Majesty the King of Thailand, adding to its significance.

Upon their arrival at Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok, a solemn prayer ceremony was conducted by senior monks from both India and Thailand, underscoring the deep-rooted civilizational connections grounded in Buddhist traditions that bind the two nations together.

At the National Museum, during a ceremony to welcome the sacred relics, Union Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment H.E. Dr. Virendra Kumar emphasized the enduring wisdom of Lord Buddha, which continues to serve as a guiding light for the civilizational ties between India and Thailand. He highlighted that the exposition of the sacred relics, named Ganga Mekong Holy Relics Dhammayatra, will further strengthen the bonds of friendship and understanding between the two countries.

This exposition is not the first of its kind; earlier, in 1995-96, Thailand had the honor of hosting the holy relics of Lord Buddha from India, marking the 50th anniversary of King Rama IX’s accession to the throne. The relics of Arahata Sariputta and Arahata Moggallana were brought to India in 1952 by Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee, a renowned Indian statesman and the President of Maha Bodhi Society at that time.

The exposition of these sacred relics in Thailand serves as a testament to the rich heritage and Buddhist legacy that India and Thailand share, fostering greater cultural exchange and mutual respect. The decision of the Government of India, under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is expected to further strengthen the relationship between India and Thailand.

Join us in this extraordinary journey as we celebrate the profound teachings and spiritual legacy of Lord Buddha and his disciples, embracing the cultural ties that unite us across borders.

Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming events and exhibitions during this historic exposition period!

Gemstone Shopping Simplified: Top 5 Online Retailers

Looking for the perfect place to buy loose gemstones online? Look no further! Meet Rajesh Kumar (Raj), a seasoned photographer, digital marketer, and expert in all things gemstones. With over two decades of experience, Raj knows just where to find the most beautiful and authentic gemstones for your needs.

Gemstone Shopping Simplified: Top 5 Online Retailers

Gemstones are not only stunning but also offer colorful alternatives to diamonds. However, finding reliable sources online can be challenging. Luckily, Raj has curated a list of the best places to buy loose gemstones, making your search easier than ever.

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Safe Childhood Safe Future

Awareness campaign being run at the state level by NRI Sunil Kothari in collaboration with Rajasthan Police regarding the increasing violence against children.

Safe Childhood Safe Future

Jago Children Jago” program was organized today at Government Higher Primary School, Sector 19 Pratap Nagar, Jaipur. Apart from the entire school staff, other local dignitaries were also present in the program organized with the help of social worker Sunil Kothari. During the program, Jago Rajiv Ranjan Sinha, CEO of Marudhar Jago Sansthan, made children aware about their child rights and also said that they should immediately inform the police department about any immoral activity happening around them. Regarding POCSO and child trafficking, he said that the government And the administration is making every effort to stop this crime in every way, but children, parents and guardians also need to be very aware about this crime. He said that the more children become aware and alert about their rights, the less child crime will occur. There will be an equal reduction in child trafficking. To stop child trafficking, he said that people get lured by big salaries, good jobs etc. and hand over their children to wrong hands without getting complete information, which leads to incidents of serious crimes like child trafficking and POCSO. The possibility of this happening increases, therefore, to prevent such crimes, everyone should not let their children fall into wrong hands without accurate information. Coordinator of the organization Neha Srivastava also expressed her views on child trafficking.

Safe Childhood Safe Future
Safe Childhood Safe Future

About Sunil Kothari
Sunil Kothari (Born November 9, 1962) is a well-known businessman and generous Philanthropist both in India and Thailand

75th Republic Day Celebration in Bangkok: Historic Moment with Thai Prime Minister’s Presence!

The Embassy of India in Bangkok hosted a grand reception to mark the 75th Republic Day, and it was a momentous occasion as His Excellency Mr. Srettha Thavisin, the Prime Minister of Thailand, graced the event. Ambassador Nagesh Singh warmly received the esteemed Prime Minister, highlighting the special and deep-rooted civilizational ties between India and Thailand.

This reception holds unparalleled significance, as it marks the first time in history that the Prime Minister of Thailand has attended the national day celebration of any country. Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin’s presence underscores the strength and depth of the diplomatic relationship shared between India and Thailand.

Beyond the diplomatic gestures, the Thai Prime Minister’s attendance is a historic milestone, signifying the recognition of India’s growing influence and potential on the global stage. Thailand’s understanding of India’s economic prowess was evident, acknowledging India as the world’s fastest-growing GDP. With a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) surpassing the $4-trillion mark on Sunday, November 19, 2023, India continues its remarkable economic journey.

In addition, India’s Purchasing Power Parities (PPP) have reached an impressive $13.119 trillion +, further emphasizing the economic strength and potential for collaboration between the two nations.

The event not only symbolizes the diplomatic warmth between the two nations but also serves as a testament to India’s increasing economic prominence. The reception reflects the shared commitment to fostering stronger ties and collaborative efforts for mutual growth.

As we celebrate the 75th Republic Day, this moment in Bangkok becomes a chapter in the history books, where the convergence of cultures and the recognition of India’s potential have created a diplomatic and economic landmark.

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Kenisha Awasthi is someone who takes literally seconds to raise the sensuality game and oomph quotient as per her own whims and fancies. Her fitness journey has indeed been inspiring as it’s no cakewalk to lose 15kgs in one year. While Kenisha Awasthi’s vogue game was always on top, her transformation has certainly enhanced her confidence all the way more and no wonder, she pulls off all sorts of style statements like a pro. Kenisha is known for not following trends but rather setting them. She has always looked forward to bringing in her own personal touch to her style statement and that’s exactly what connects with the Gen-z. Well, one fashion avatar that’s presently winning the hearts of netizens is when she was recently spotted at the airport. Yes, that’s right.

Kenisha was seen flying to Cochin wearing a scintillating royal blue belted denim avatar and well, seeing the same, we simply can’t keep calm for real. Flights are the place where we want to blend comfort with style and Kenisha’s latest outfit is proving to be just the right kind of inspiration women needed this season for their airport fashion game. Her confidence is what sets her apart from the rest of her contemporaries and we are truly in love with it. Check out the snaps and video below –

Well, absolutely magnetic and stupendous is what we can say certainly when it comes to her look. On the work front, Kenisha Awasthi has interesting work projects happening, the announcements of which will happen as per the ideal timelines. Stay tuned for more updates.

Sakshi Malik spotted having a blast on the occasion of her birthday in Thailand, gives us a special sneak-peek

Actress Sakshi Malik is now on cloud nine and for all the right reasons. After having given her fans and admirers some serious joy with her good work in the Amazon Prime Video project ‘Dry Day’, she’s now looking forward to slaying even more with her upcoming projects and endeavours. Amidst all the hustle and bustle in her regular work schedule, the actress was recently seen chilling and spending some quality time with herself and some close members in Thailand. Yes that’s right. The actress had a blast on her birthday in Thailand which she celebrated on 21st January, 2024.

Thailand being known for its chill vibes and fun stuff, the diva chose to celebrate her birthday here this year. She took to her social media handle to share with all her fans a special sneak-peek. The diva shared videos from her beach resort aka ‘Conrad Koh Samui’ and well, the location looked absolutely aesthetic and ideal for a birthday celebration. The space seems huge and it seems like some seriously amazing level of celebration took place on her special day. She also gave us a glimpse of the special homemade kombuchas and icecream and well, it has certainly got our mouth watering big time. To add to that, she was seen looking resplendent in her pink birthday attire and we loved it. Special mention for the video she shared from her room which was all about aesthetic sunset vibes. Want to check out all of it? Here you go. Check out the content below –

Here’s wishing the gorgeous and talented Sakshi Malik good luck and success against all odds and may she conquer the world and continue to inspire one and all with her phenomenal work. On the work front, she’s set to have interesting work updates happening soon, the announcements of which will happen as per the ideal timelines. Stay tuned for more updates.

Thailand starts checking foreigners’ passports on domestic flights

Thailand starts checking foreigners’ passports on domestic flights to limit illegal overstays

In a move aimed at curbing illegal overstays, the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) has introduced new requirements for foreign passengers boarding domestic flights. The heightened measures mandate that effective January 16, 2024, foreign travellers must present an original passport matching the name on their boarding pass to be eligible for boarding.

The updated regulations permit foreigners to use not only passports issued by their respective governments but also a laissez-passer, a diplomatic travel document issued by the United Nations.

In cases where foreigners lose their passports while flying domestically, alternative documents such as an emergency passport, non-Thai ID card, or a driving license will be accepted.

The implementation of these stricter rules is a response to the ongoing challenge of foreigners overstaying in Thailand, even as the country experiences a robust recovery in tourism since reopening its borders. The surge in tourism has been significant, but the issue of visa overstays, particularly at popular resorts, has persisted.

Thai-Indian Theatre Club Presents “Ram Lalla Ghar Aaye” in Spectacular Bangkok Performance

Bangkok, Thailand – On Jan 25, 2024, the Thai-Indian Theatre Club delivered a mesmerizing rendition of the epic drama “Ram Lalla Ghar Aaye” to mark the grand inauguration of the Shree Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Produced by Sanjay Kumar Media, founder of the Thai-Indian Community, and directed by Master Nareen Nayathi, this theatrical masterpiece unfolded the timeless tale of Ram Lalla’s divine arrival.

Led by Program Head Mrs. Kausalya Kanaga Sabapathy, the event showcased over 100 local artists engaging in various activities, including Shree Ram Bhajan, devotional group dances, and a delightful costume presentation by kids on the theme, “Mythical Threads: Portrayal of Ramayana.”

The celebration, attended by approximately 300 diverse individuals, featured esteemed dignitaries and guests, including:

  • Prof. Dr. M.L.Sontornchai Jayangkula, Former Secretariat of the Government House
  • H.E. Chutintorn Sam Gongsakdi, Senior Thai Diplomat and Former Ambassador of Thailand to India and Singapore
  • Mr. Sunil Kothari, a well-known businessman, philanthropist, CEO and MD, Flawless Co, Ltd.
  • Mr. Sorravee Ratchapitaktirada, Honorary Advisor Attached to the Budget Commissioner, Senate of Thailand
  • Mr. Armindo Simoes, Counsellor, Embassy of East Timor, Thailand
  • Mr. Joao Evangelista, Third Secretary, Embassy of East Timor, Thailand
  • Mr. Vipul Pawar, Head of Chancery, Embassy of India, Thailand
  • Mr. K.C. Agrawal, CEO, Siam Shine Star Group
  • Dr. Akhil Kala, CEO, Brasten Group
  • Mr. Pawan Mishra, CEO, Indo Thai News

The support from the business community and Indian diaspora in Thailand, including Sunil Kothari, underscored the event’s significance in fostering cultural bonds.

Established in 2019, the Thai-Indian Theatre Club stands as a vibrant cultural platform, dedicated to nurturing local talent and promoting cultural relations between India and Thailand. The club’s immersive theatrical productions contribute to a rich tapestry of cultural exchange and artistic expression in the heart of Bangkok.

Tucson Gem Show Insider: Tips and Tricks for Gem Enthusiasts

Unlock the Magic of Gemstones at the Tucson Gem Show: Your Ultimate Guide
Unlock the Magic of Gemstones at the Tucson Gem Show: Your Ultimate Guide

Welcome to the dazzling world of the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show! From celestial meteorites to the sparkle of diamonds, the show boasts a spectacle of treasures that draws over 60,000 enthusiasts to the Arizona desert every winter. As proud participants in this iconic event, we at are thrilled to share our top ten tips to make your Tucson Gem Show experience truly unforgettable.

1. Mark Your Calendar: The Tucson Gem Show kicks off every year in late January and runs through early February. This two-week extravaganza showcases different gems at various times and locations across the city. In 2024, the show runs from January 25 to February 11. Additionally, keep an eye out for the smaller fall Gem Show.

2. Navigate the Venues: Discover gemstone wonders at numerous locations throughout Tucson, including the Tucson Convention Center, the Holiday Inn & Suites, and the Tucson Expo Center. For a complete list of show locations and dates, visit the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show website or use the Gem Show app for convenient access.

3. Ticket or No Ticket: While most shows are free for the public, some may require tickets. Plan ahead by checking the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show website for ticket details and exhibitor information. Be aware of wholesale-only events that may necessitate a gem seller’s business license for entry.

4. Define Your Quest: With approximately 50 shows, the Tucson Gem Show is the world’s largest display of gems, minerals, and fossils. To make the most of your visit, identify what you’re seeking, be it affordable jewelry, unique specimens, or rare diamonds. Knowing your goals will streamline your exploration amid the diverse offerings.

5. Master Transportation: Given the expansive event area, plan your transportation ahead of time. Use the Tucson Gem Show app to access show locations and shuttle schedules. The Sun Link Streetcar connects key shopping districts, while the TuGo Bike sharing service offers an active alternative. Don’t forget to explore nearby parking options for added convenience.

6. Optimal Accommodations: For a truly immersive experience, consider staying at one of our exquisite vacation rental properties. Escape the crowds, enjoy privacy, and revel in the comfort of your own space. Visit to explore a range of accommodations tailored to your needs.

7. Pack Essentials: Prepare for a gem-filled adventure by bringing cash or credit cards for purchases, a bag or backpack for your treasures, and perhaps a wagon for larger acquisitions. Dress comfortably, wear a hat, and don’t forget sunscreen and water to stay refreshed in Tucson’s warm and sunny weather.

8. Embrace Negotiation: Many vendors are open to negotiation, especially with cash in hand. Hone your bargaining skills and compare prices before making a purchase. Keep in mind that some vendors may require a business license for specific transactions.

9. Explore Beyond the Show: Discover the city’s vibrant offerings beyond the gem show exhibits. Check the Gem Show app for a list of “after-hours” events and explore Tucson’s scenic hikes, renowned restaurants, and captivating sights.

10. Knowledge is Key: Before diving into the gem show extravaganza, arm yourself with information. Visit booth at Holidome# 333, GJX# 1232, AGTA# 1321 from January 27 to February 4, 2024

Tucson Gem Show

As you embark on your Tucson Gem Show adventure, armed with these tips, we wish you a spectacular time filled with extraordinary finds and unforgettable memories. Happy shopping at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show!

Sunil Kothari’s Vision: A Cultural Luminary Recognized by Chulalongkorn

Distinguished philanthropist Sunil Kothari recently expressed deep gratitude and a profound sense of honor following the reception of a prestigious acknowledgment from the esteemed Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. The recognition, presented in the form of a Certificate of Honor and plaque by Prof. Surat Horachaikul, the Founding Director of the Center for Indian Studies, marked a significant moment during the ‘Vishwa Hindi Divas 2024’ celebration held on January 13 at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.

Sunil Kothari's Vision: A Cultural Luminary Recognized by Chulalongkorn

In a heartfelt statement, Sunil Kothari shared his appreciation, saying, “I deeply appreciate and feel honored to have received the Certificate of Honor and plaque from Prof. Surat Horachaikul, Founding Director of the Center for Indian Studies, as part of the ‘Vishwa Hindi Divas 2024’ celebration held on January 13 at the Chulalongkorn University of Bangkok.”

Expressing gratitude to the entire Center for Indian Studies, he added, “My heartfelt thanks to the entire Center for this prestigious acknowledgment. Being recognized for contributions to Indian studies in Thailand is humbling, and I eagerly anticipate further contributions to enrich this academic pursuit.”

This acknowledgment not only underscores Sunil Kothari’s significant contributions as a philanthropist but also emphasizes the importance of fostering cultural and academic exchanges on a global scale. Sunil Kothari’s dedication and passion for the field of Indian studies promise to further enrich the academic landscape in Thailand and beyond.

About Sunil Kothari:
Widely recognized as a successful businessman and a generous philanthropist, Sunil Kothari holds a significant presence in both Bharat and Thailand. Since establishing residence in Thailand in 1983, he has actively engaged in supporting various socio-cultural causes, embodying a strong commitment to community welfare and the promotion of Indian culture.

Sunil Kothari’s journey is marked by a vision that goes beyond business success — a vision that embraces the upliftment of communities and the bridging of cultural gaps. His recent acknowledgment at Chulalongkorn University is a testament to a lifetime dedicated to philanthropy and cultural enrichment, and it highlights the enduring impact of individuals committed to creating positive change in the world. As Sunil Kothari continues to lead by example, his legacy is sure to inspire generations to come.