Indian Real Estate Showcase in Bangkok: Sep 16-17, 2023, Marriott Marquis

Visit the Biggest “Indian Property Investment Festival” with Top Developers from India along with exciting launch offers exclusively for the NRI’s in Bangkok on 16th & 17th September 2023 at Marriott Marquis, Queen’s Park .

Indian Real Estate Showcase in Bangkok: Sep 16-17, 2023, Marriott Marquis

Real Estate Developers of India are showcasing their projects to NRIs in Bangkok market, the Biggest Property Expo ‘SONY present’s – Indian Property Investment Festival’. It is a great opportunity for all developers to connect with NRIs through the IPIF Platform.

NRIs (Non-Resident Indians) across the world invest in properties in their homeland. The trends have changed with homegrown construction companies providing lifestyle, luxury and convenience suitable for Indians looking to settle back in the country or want to buy a property just for investment purpose. The IPIF (Indian Property Investment Festival) is a Unique Platform Created by NRI ONE to serve the Indian Real Estate Industry and NRIs both.
Real Estate Developers of India can showcase their projects to NRIs in Bangkok market with the most popular NRI ONE IPIF Expo . It is a great opportunity for all developers to connect with NRIs through the IPIF Platform.
NRI ONE Presents the biggest Indian Property Investment Festival (IPIF) ( in Bangkok.

Top Developers like Raymond Realty, L&T Realty, Godrej Properties, Birla Estate, Brigade Group, DLF India, Epitome, Gaursons, Central Park, Pooja Crafted Homes, Planet Green, BCD Group, Peers, Khushi Buildcon & many more are Participating from across different cities like Mumbai/Thane, Pune, Delhi/NCR, Bangalore, Goa, Chennai, Jaipur & Hyderabad.
The event is also extensively supported & promoted by Indian local communities, Associations & Media Houses based in Bangkok like Masala Thai Magazine, ITCC (India – Thai Chamber of Commerce), Indian Association of Thailand (IAT), Thai Sindhi Association, Thai Kannada Balaga, Thai Sikh News, Indo Thai News, BangkokScoop & many more.
NRI visitors from Bangkok can visit the website ( ) & pre- register themselves to attend the event.

Unveiling Neeru Sharma: Bridging Ancient Wisdom with Modern Wellness

Unveiling Neeru Sharma: Bridging Ancient Wisdom with Modern Wellness

In the dynamic tapestry of life, few stories are as inspiring and transformative as that of Neeru Sharma, a homemaker turned certified Vedique Nutritionist. With a passion ignited by her own wellness journey, Neeru has seamlessly woven the threads of ancient methodologies with contemporary techniques to create a harmonious approach to health and well-being.
Neeru’s path to becoming a beacon of holistic health began with her quest to cultivate vitality in her own life. What started as a personal journey soon transformed into a profound calling to guide others on their wellness expedition. Armed with unwavering determination and the aspiration to fuse time-tested traditions with modern understandings, Neeru embarked on a remarkable journey of learning and growth.

Her commitment to mastering the art of Vedique Nutrition led her to the prestigious Unitus Health Academy, where she embarked on a transformative educational journey. Over the course of her voyage, Neeru earned an impressive array of six certifications, with her cornerstone achievement being the Professional Vedique Nutrition certification. This multifaceted training equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of Vedique principles and practices, blending the profound wisdom of our ancestors with contemporary scientific insights.
What sets Neeru apart is her approach, which combines the sacred tenets of the past with the technological advancements of the present. Her methodology revolves around a deep understanding of each individual’s body constitution or Prakriti. Every patient’s journey commences with a meticulous assessment, where Neeru delves into the intricate tapestry of their constitution. Armed with this profound insight, she meticulously crafts customized dietary recommendations that resonate harmoniously with the individual’s unique nature.
With a roster of over 100 global clients and counting, Neeru’s impact reaches far beyond geographical boundaries. Her clientele represents a diverse spectrum of individuals seeking wellness, from those striving to shed excess weight to those yearning for a deeper connection with their bodies. Neeru’s guidance serves as a lighthouse, illuminating their paths towards optimal health.

What distinguishes Neeru’s practice is her unwavering commitment to confidentiality. She creates a safe space for her clients to share their medical histories, lifestyle nuances, and personal struggles, ensuring that each step of their journey remains private and respected.
Neeru Sharma’s story is a testament to the power of transformation and the ability to reimagine one’s purpose. Her journey from homemaker to a trailblazing Vedique Nutritionist exemplifies the potential within us all to embrace change, harness wisdom, and effect lasting positive change.

In addition to her client-focused work, Neeru also actively imparts her knowledge through workshops and seminars. Her upcoming event is set to take place in Lopburi, Bangkok, a testament to her dedication to spreading wellness and understanding across borders. Through these gatherings, Neeru Sharma continues to magnify the impact of her mission, touching lives and inspiring transformation on a larger scale. Through her dedication, Neeru Sharma is not only shaping the future of holistic wellness but also empowering individuals to reclaim ownership of their well-being, one tailored diet plan at a time.

When asked about the #Woman Power a Global Movement which is flourishing under We-Women Network Neeru says she is very happy to see such a platform for women here in Thailand and a consistent, committed work is being done. She is excited to contribute in this Endeavor.

By Dr. Manisha Bose
Lecturer, ABAC
Chapter Head #WomenPower a Global Movement Thailand.
We-Women Network

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Magic, ballet, opera from around the world in Bangkok

Bangkok’s International Festival of Dance & Music, the country’s best-known cultural festival, celebrates its 25th anniversary with a bang, when none other than legendary music conductor Zubin Mehta opens the two-month festival, the coming weekend on September 2, Saturday.

The maestro has been the life conductor of the Symphony Orchestra of Maggio Musicale Florentino, since 2006The orchestra is considered as one of the finest in the world and has been led by many famous conductors.

Magic, ballet, opera from around the world in Bangkok

According to the Italian ambassador to Thailand, Paolo Dionisi, “There’s no better occasion to celebrate 155 years of bilateral relations between Italy and Thailand than with an event as important as the presence of the Maggio Fiorentino in Bangkok, conducted by the great Zubin Mehta. Bangkok returns to be capital of culture in southeast Asia!” 

Mehta has performed at the Bangkok festival earlier to sold-out shows, and it’s the same this time, with none other than the King and Queen of Thailand being the chief guests.

The remaining shows will be “a huge variety of breath-taking performances from around the world”according to Rasina Uberoi, managing director of the organiser, International Cultural Promotions Limited. Rasina is the daughter of the founder of the festival, Indian-born publishing magnate J.S. Uberoi.

There are two totally diverse operas, at this year’s festival — the classical Aida, by the Helikon Opera group from Russia, and Dream of the Red Chamber by the Shanghai Yue Opera.

The former has a multimedia set, grand orchestra and choir, for the enactment of the Egyptian story of pharaohs and pyramids. The latter is a delicate love story, enacted by an all-woman cast who play the male roles too, with mellifluous music and lush Chinese landscapes.

There’s musical theatre from the US, and it’s none other than the popular West Side Story. It has a huge, diverse cast, but the music is played out by the Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra, making it a grand Thai-American collaboration, to celebrate 190 years of diplomatic relations between Thailand and the United States.

In fact, one of the new features of the festival is the student outreach programme providing master classes and workshops for Thai students by the visiting artistes. There’s a galaxy of ballet troupes this year.

The famed Stuttgart Ballet has performed at the festival before, and their medley of solos and pas de deux this year are from the classical gems like Sleeping Beauty and Romeo and Juliet. The company specialises in multinational artistes (22 countries) and many of them will be on view at their gala performance in Bangkok. 

The other ballet troupes are led by brilliant, creative choreographers, and give exciting twists to the classics.

Thus, Tchaikovsky’s stark and stunning ballet Swan Lake is transformed to a powerful clash between good and evil, man and animal, black and white forms, performed by the new and dynamic Les Ballets De Monte Carlo group from Monaco.

Another world-famous classic, George Bizet’s Carmen, is performed by the highly innovative Granada Flamenco Ballet group, and becomes a thematic drama of many emotions, enunciated through an amalgam of superb footwork, mimetic acting and daring lighting.

Probably the most dynamic and daring, is the Eifman Ballet group from Russia, whose artistic director Boris Eifman describes dance as not physical but a psychic act. That’s why their enactment of Anna Karenina is wild, powerful, and raises the Tolstoy drama from the physical to the metaphysical level. 

The modern dance group, at this year’s festival, is the Cie Accrorap troupe from France, whose show Roots has 11 hip-hop dancers combining varied dance moves, pulsating rhythms and gravity-defying positions. Interestingly, founder Kader Attou said he was influenced by many dance forms, including Indian dance.

The last show at the festival takes one to a magical realm, through six illusionists from six different countries. What’s special is that all the illusionists are female! The show, Magnificent Six, was specially created for the Bangkok Festival by the CEO of the International Magicians Society. 

“We want Bangkok to be a cultural capital not only in the Asean region, but to also put us on the world map. Consequently, great culture will draw in great investments for the country,” stated managing director Rasina Uberoi.

Chattan Kunjara Na Ayudhya, deputy governor for marketing communications, Tourism Authority of Thailand, one of the main sponsors of the festival, stated that the mega-cultural event was in keeping with its new tourism policy by which it promoted many F’s such as “Festivals, Food, Fashion, Film”.

Chattan was former director of the TAT office in New Delhi, and said, “India is a very important market for us, and we want to offer them new experiences.” 

This writer’s opinion is that, if Indian tourists travel to Europe and America to attend international shows there, it would be good for TAT to promote Bangkok’s International Festival of Dance and Music at their offices in India.

Meanwhile, if Indian tourists are planning to visit Bangkok in September-October, they should definitely check out some of the great shows at the city’s best-known international cultural festival.

For details of the festival, check

For tickets:

Source: DECCAN CHRONICLE | Lekha Shankar