Unveiling India’s Drug Crisis: Insights from Monish Bhalla’s Book, India Drugged

India Drugged, a book written by Former NCB officer, Monish Bhalla who gifted this book to me couple of months ago. Reading this book has truly been an eye opener and Monish evidently is on a mission on drug -free India: Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyan.

Unveiling India's Drug Crisis: Insights from Monish Bhalla's Book, India Drugged
Monish Bhalla & Dr. Manisha Bose

This book has been an Amazon Best seller and a very easy read.

The book is divided into 10 distinct chapters. Each chapter is backed with research and documented. The book is  presented to us from an insider’s point of view and the experiential knowledge is hard hitting.

He presents the dark truth about 12 states regarding the drug menace, its modus operandi and nexus of drug mafia. He brings out a very poignant point that how the drugs used for fun becomes an addiction and all these menace is not only ruining the consumers but the money earned by the drug mafia is used for illegal and anti – national activities.

Young girls as young as 13 yrs. old are getting involved as drug carriers and social media has been playing a crucial role in it . There is a whole chapter on ‘Deep Web’ exposing the Darknet Markets and Tor bursting Darknet drug syndicate. He also points out that how high -tech gadgets are today in the hands of Narco- terrorists.

 He mentions that  NCB has been making collaborative efforts with Indian Navy and with Boarder Security Forces to combat drug smuggling. While NCB seizes drugs in huge quantities yet there cannot be 100 pec success for any agency. Large amounts of drugs do reach the market. There is a whole chapter on drug seizure with timeline and quantity which only an NCB officer could expose. While exposing every hand involved in this smuggling, he also does not mince words about some corrupt officers.

He exposes the “Chemistry and Economics of drugs” which could have been a chapter very heavy to read but Monish keeps it as simple and easy to comprehend by lay person.

While suggesting positive steps to combat this menace of drugs in the chapter “Nasha Mukt Bharat ‘he gives his expert legal advice of decriminalization, depenalization and legalization in the next chapter called “The Endless Debate “.

Monish Bhalla

 As a legal expert Monish advocates a complete “over haul” of judicial system and presses to amplify strategies in war against drugs. What is very endearing is that he asserts to have a humanitarian approach dealing with the addicts. The chapter “Sick or a Criminal “is very thought-provoking.

This 280 pages book is enlightening and yet a very easy to grasp book. It will open our eyes to many hidden and obvious facts that we stay oblivious of.

He writes “The war on drugs has just begun and it’s a long way to go………We need a strong hand with a soft heart. “

India Drugged : An Eye Opener Paperback – Import, 25 May 2023

By Dr. Manisha Bose
Lecturer, ABAC
Chapter Head #WomenPower a Global Movement Thailand.
We-Women Network

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Sunil Kothari Celebrates Chandrayaan-3’s Lunar Triumph: A Businessman & Philanthropist’s Salute to Scientific Achievement

Sunil Kothari Congratulates ISRO on Chandrayaan-3: A Business Tycoon and Philanthropist’s Applause for India’s Lunar Success

Sunil Kothari, a name synonymous with both astute business acumen and boundless philanthropy, held a position of prominence that extended across the borders of India and Thailand. Born on the 9th of November, 1962, his life had been marked by a relentless pursuit of success and a genuine commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

As news broke about the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3 on the lunar surface, a historic moment that united hearts and minds around the world, Sunil Kothari took to his well-followed social media profiles. His voice echoed across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, carrying a message that resonated with the wonder of the achievement.

“Touchdown on the lunar surface achieved! 🌖✨ Heartfelt gratitude to @isro.in for turning this remarkable moment into reality. 🚀🙏 #Chandrayaan3 #ISRO #ProudIndian #ExcitingTimes #MoonExploration,” he shared.


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A post shared by Sunil Kothari (@sunilkothari1962)

His words encapsulated not only the magnitude of the achievement but also his deep-rooted respect for the Indian Space Research Organisation (@isro.gov.in), an institution that had etched its name in the annals of scientific exploration.

Sunil Kothari’s journey was a testament to the fusion of commerce and compassion. From boardrooms to charitable endeavors, he seamlessly navigated both domains, earning respect and admiration at every turn. His message of appreciation for Chandrayaan-3’s successful landing showcased his ability to understand and embrace pioneering feats of human ingenuity, regardless of the field they emerged from.

The flood of responses from his wide-reaching network of friends, colleagues, and well-wishers mirrored the sentiment that resonated in his message. It wasn’t merely a celebration of the success itself, but an acknowledgement of the collaborative spirit that propelled such groundbreaking achievements.

In a world where social media often amplifies trivialities, Sunil Kothari’s message stood as a beacon of substance. It wasn’t just a post; it was a declaration of pride in his country, an ode to the thrill of exploration, and an embodiment of the spirit that spurred humans to reach for the stars.

As his message rippled through the digital landscape, it was evident that Sunil Kothari’s influence reached far beyond the realms of business and philanthropy. He had become a voice that championed progress, unity, and the unyielding pursuit of dreams – whether those dreams were carved on balance sheets or inscribed in the stars above.

Enchanted world of Tarot

For over 15-16 years, Mrs. Pooja Saxena has immersed herself in the captivating realm of Tarot, harnessing its profound wisdom to navigate her own journey with astounding results. Today, this remarkable woman has transformed her innate talent and passion into a powerful life’s work: uplifting and empowering others through the enigmatic language of Tarot.

With a natural affinity for Tarot, she has honed her knowledge, developed an insatiable eagerness to learn, and cultivated a remarkable ability to counsel and guide others. Her desire to be of service, coupled with her deep understanding of human nature, has propelled her into a realm of transformative insight and clarity.

As a conduit of energy, Mrs. Saxena skillfully channels and sources guidance through meditation, utilizing the Tarot cards as a tangible tool to illuminate the path ahead. Her primary objective is to empower her clients, offering a profound understanding of their present circumstances while providing a clear pathway to a brighter future.

Pooja Saxena's Tarot Journey

Having traversed the diverse landscapes of India and several countries worldwide, Mrs. Pooja Saxena’s Tarot wisdom has served as a guiding beacon for countless souls, directing them towards the right direction in life. Individuals in search of positive energy and profound insight have found solace and guidance in her nurturing presence during times of confusion or difficulty.

Mrs. Saxena’s repertoire extends across various domains, encompassing career, relationships, health, finance, and all aspects of life. A trusted advisor to executives, she has provided financial Tarot readings to esteemed institutions like Citi Bank and IDBI Bank, offering clarity to vice presidents and CEOs of multinational corporations. Furthermore, she has been a guiding light for students grappling with career dilemmas and has successfully supported her clients in managing their physical and mental well-being.

With compassion as her guiding force, Mrs. Pooja Saxena considers herself fortunate to have bridged the gaps in countless relationships, healing wounds, and rekindling the flame of love. She firmly believes that every individual yearns for guidance and a deeper connection to their core self, and Tarot serves as a beautiful pathway to self-discovery. In both online and offline realms, Mrs. Saxena extends her transformative Tarot readings across the globe, reaching out to those seeking to brighten their futures.

Her profound understanding of the human experience and her ability to unveil truths through the Tarot make her an illuminating presence in the lives of those she encounters. Notably, she has spoken about Tarot wisdom and the Law of Attraction at many significant platforms. Recently, she has been awarded as one of the Top 20 Ideal Women by a prestigious magazine in India, a testament to her incredible impact.

Discover the power of Tarot with Mrs. Pooja Saxena, as she lights the way to a more empowered and fulfilled life, allowing you to reconnect with the essence of your being. Step into the radiant world of Tarot and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation with Mrs. Pooja Saxena, the guiding light who empowers lives.

 What is very inspiring about Pooja is  that she is pursuing her Doctorate program in Cyber Law and believes that there is no substitution for education.

She has been recognized as a guiding light in the world of Tarot, sharing her profound wisdom and insights on various significant platforms.

Her dedication to empowering lives through Tarot counseling and her deep understanding of the Law of Attraction have garnered her well-deserved accolades.

Recently, Mrs. Saxena has been honored with the prestigious title of “Top 20 Ideal Women” by a renowned magazine in India.

Her impact is truly inspiring, and we can’t wait to see her continue to shine and touch more lives with her incredible work!

When asked about What she thinks about We-Women Network she says, She is very proud to be associated with it and feels very inspired by the way the work is being carried out under it of #Women Power A Global Movement and of Woman TV. It is a non-commercial and self-less effort that is giving women a platform. I feel happy to be a part of it and contribute my bit whenever I can .

By Dr. Manisha Bose
Lecturer, ABAC
Chapter Head #WomenPower a Global Movement Thailand .

Jaago Bachcho Jaago (Awaken Children Awaken)

Child Awareness Campaign run by NRI Sunil KothariJaago Bachcho Jaago (Awaken Children Awaken)”

Sunil Kothari (Born November 9, 1962) is a well-known businessman and generous Philanthropist both in India and Thailand.

In the wake of the ever-increasing violence against children, the state-level awareness program by the name of “Jaago Bachcho Jaago” (‘Awaken Children Awaken’ as in towards their rights) was organized on this day at the Stanford School of Jaipur, with the kind help, support and cooperation of well-known businessman, philanthropist and social worker Mr. Sunil Kothari.

Dignitaries of the city were also present at the program. Principal Director Kavita Singh informed the children about their child rights. Members of the institute made the children aware of Good Touch, Bad Touch; Safe Touch, Unsafe Touch, by showing them a beautiful motion picture. With regard to POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012, is an Indian legislation that regulates child sexual abuse), and child trafficking, Rajiv Ranjan Sinha said that the government and the administration are trying their best to stop this crime in every way, but children, parents and guardians also need to be vigilant about this crime. Rajiv Ranjan Sinha went on to say that the more children will be aware and alert about their child rights, the more child crimes will be on the decline.

In order to stop child trafficking, Ramnagariya Police Officer, Sangram Singh, said that on the pretext of good salary, good job etc., people hand over their children into wrong hands without checking or acquiring complete information, which is why the possibility of incidents of serious crimes like child trafficking and POCSO are likely to take place. Hence, to prevent such crimes, everybody should be alert, and not let their children fall into wrong hands without deriving the right information.

On this occasion, the volunteers of the institute Neha and Shreya Srivastava also expressed their views.

Thought of the Day:

“True fulfillment lies not in measuring one’s own happiness, but in counting the number of lives made happier and better through one’s actions and compassion.”

Child Awareness Campaign run by NRI Sunil Kothari “Jaago Bachcho Jaago (Awaken Children Awaken)”

About Sunil Kothari
Sunil Kothari (Born November 9, 1962) is a well-known businessman and generous Philanthropist both in India and Thailand.

Riyadh eager to host Expo 2030

This summer the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia unveiled its plan for Riyadh Expo 2030 during an official reception organized by the Royal Commission for Riyadh City in Paris.